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During the lockdown, I was home and was really interested in developing skills in PHP and HTML5. The exercises allowed me to learn quickly and start a custom blog on my own.


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1 Develop your skills at your own pace

More than 10000 students chose SL Institute to develop themselves in a whole new way. Through the platform they managed to expand their knowledge: not only they speak new languages, but also they develop web development skills on their own, leveraging the power of online courses.

2 Learn and practice to start growing

Our students like the learning experience and take advantage of updated ressources. Step by step, they build confidence and practice in real life the learning acquired through the platform
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3 Reach your next career goal

Aligning career objectives and learning skills is easy for our students as they are able to get certificates in a few months to demonstrate their new abilities.

4 Your success is our success

Making students achieve their personal and professional is our mission. Our team is dedicated to improve the courses ensuring an exclusive and exciting learning journey

Get your quality skills certificate through online examen

Students friendly pricing for the certificate programs helps individuals to get their skill certificate easier than ever !

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